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The Badlands section of my web page has proven to be the most popular. This page has been accessed over 10,000 times in the last two months. The photos were taken in June 1981 while on vacation. The trip included a visit to The Badlands, Mt. Rushmore and Yellowstone.

The photos have been rescanned using a Minolta Diamge Scan Speed film/slide scanner, using the original negatives. They now have a lot more sharpness, clarity, and detail.

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Badlands Photo 1 Badlands Photo 2 Badlands Photo 3 Badlands Photo 4

Badlands Photo 5 Badlands Photo 6 Badlands Photo 7 Badlands Photo 8

Badlands Photo 9 Badlands Photo 10 Badlands Photo 11 Badlands Photo 12

Badlands Photo 13 Badlands Photo 14 Badlands Photo 15 Badlands Photo 16

Badlands Panorama Photo 1

Badlands Panorama Photo 2

All photographs 1998-2000  Michael Wheeler. All rights reserved.


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