Pfeiffer-Big Sur 
State Park

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Pfeiffer-Big Sur State Park is located about 26 miles south of Carmel on California Highway One. The park features one of the largest Redwood Tree groves in the Big Sur region. There are numerous trails that allow you to walk through the redwood forest and to some of the more elevated areas of the park.

In preparing for a vacation, one thing that should not be overlooked
is your photo equipment. You should out check its condition and functionality at least one month prior to departure. It could be very disheartening to find out, while you on your once in a lifetime dream vacation, your camera does not work.

The night before leaving for a weeks stay in Big Sur, I went through my usual ritual. I pulled out my
camera bag and examined the lenses and filters to see if they needed cleaning. I checked out the batteries and flash. Upon further examination, I discovered that the light meter on my camera was no longer functioning. My trusty Minolta 102 camera, of 25 years had finally failed me. I would have been really upset if I were leaving for a more exotic destination. Please check out your photo equipment well in advance so it can be repaired if need be.

I have taken enough photographs over the years to estimate the exposure setting for a given scene. Since I take landscape photos I usually use a tripod and set the lens to the highest F-stop available for the lens (F-16 or F-22). The small the aperture on the lens gives more clarity and detail on the final print. Shutter speeds are usually 1/4-1/2 second. It was extremely difficult to estimate the correct exposure, in the dimly lit recesses of the redwood forest, without the aid of a light meter. I stopped down the lens to compensate for the low lighting conditions. Consequently, the photos are not as sharp as they should be.

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Pfeiffer-Big Sur  Photo 1           Pfeiffer-Big Sur  Photo 2

Pfeiffer-Big Sur  Photo 3      Pfeiffer-Big Sur  Photo 4      Pfeiffer-Big Sur  Photo 5

Pfeiffer-Big Sur  Photo 6      Pfeiffer-Big Sur  Photo 7      Pfeiffer-Big Sur  Photo 8

Pfeiffer-Big Sur  Photo 9           Pfeiffer-Big Sur  Photo10           Pfeiffer-Big Sur  Photo 11

Pfeiffer-Big Sur  Photo 12      Pfeiffer-Big Sur  Photo 13      Pfeiffer-Big Sur  Photo 14

Pfeiffer-Big Sur  Photo 15      Pfeiffer-Big Sur  Photo 16      Pfeiffer-Big Sur  Photo 17

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