.Rocky Point

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Rocky Point - Garrapata is a section of Big Sur that allows easy access to the ocean. Garrapata State Park is about 5 miles (8 km) south of the entrance of Point Lobos State Preserve. There are several pull out, parking sections which extend for another 5 miles until you reach the Rock Point Restaurant.

There are numerous hiking trails that allow you to walk through the abundance of vegetation and wildflowers. In the spring and early summer the hills are covered with golden flowers. In the fall the flowers are no longer in bloom, but the ice plant covering the hillsides displays many shades of yellow, orange, and red. 

Some of the trails will take you down to sand covered beaches and the brightly colored ocean. The water turns from deep blue, to aqua, and turquoise, as it pounds against the rugged coastline. This is a very beautiful section of Big Sur for viewing. 

Most of the photos below were taken near Soberanes Point. When we first arrived around noon, there was still a thin layer of fog hovering over the shoreline. It burned off quickly. To the South of the point the ocean was covered with thick fog. To the North of the point the ocean was bright and sunny. It made for some interesting photographs. The photos were taken the first week in July 1999.

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Rocky Point - Garrapata  Photo 1   Rocky Point - Garrapata  Photo 2   Rocky Point - Garrapata  Photo 3   Rocky Point - Garrapata  Photo 4

Rocky Point - Garrapata  Photo 5   Rocky Point - Garrapata  Photo 6   Rocky Point - Garrapata  Photo 7   Rocky Point - Garrapata  Photo 8

Rocky Point - Garrapata  Photo 9   Rocky Point - Garrapata  Photo 10      Rocky Point - Garrapata  Photo 11

Rocky Point - Garrapata  Photo 12


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