Below are some links to photos and photography related 
sites that I have enjoyed visiting!



Beryl Turner's "Picturesque by Design" has a great assortment 
of photographs, including exotic animals, flowers, butterflies, 
landscapes and more... Available for purchase at a 
reasonable price. They can then be used to make jigsaw's 
designs, for cross stitch, or just to frame and enjoy.





Online Visual Magazine Made in Hong Kong Authored by 
Duncan Cheuk-sang Wong Unique Photos, Poetry, and Essays.


Lost America
This is where you'll find a collection of night 
photography of the abandoned roadside west.




                 Glen Gaffney Nature and Pictorial Photography
Glen's wildlife photos have a very narrow depth of field.
He uses a reverse adaptor technique that delivers 
extreme sharpness.



This is not a photography site, but
Wayne Fulton's ScanTips website helped
me get dramatically better scans of my photos.








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