Theses photos were taken with my Olympus D200-L digital camera. They were shot in 640 x 480 mode. The photos were enhanced using Corel PhotoPaint 8.0 and the Extensis Intellihance plug-in.

The photos were taken on May 17th, 1998.

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Monterey Coast Photo 1  Monterey Coast Photo 2  Monterey Coast Photo 3  
Monterey Coast Photo 4

Monterey Coast Photo 5  Monterey Coast Photo 6  Monterey Coast Photo 7  Monterey Coast Photo 8
The Photographer                                       

Monterey Coast Photo 9   Monterey Coast Photo 10   Monterey Coast Photo 11   Monterey Coast Photo 12

Monterey Coast Photo 13   Monterey Coast Photo 14   Monterey Coast Photo 15   Monterey Coast Photo 16
                               Sid the Seagull                                                  My Wife Jackie

Monterey Coast Photo 17   Monterey Coast Photo 18   Monterey Coast Photo 19

All photographs 1998-2000  Michael Wheeler. All rights reserved.



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