In case you are wondering what the fat, hairy guy is doing with a bird on his shoulder,  Mr. Bird is our family pet, and he is a  "Pit Bull" Gray Cockatiel. Like his canine counterpart, they are generally loving, caring, good natured animals. Upon occasion, with out provocation, they have been know to turn on their owners. On more than one occasion I have had to come to the aid of my wife, and separate the two from mortal combat. With his "Beak of Death" wrapped firmly around her neck, it  takes all of my powers to separate him from my hapless wife. It sends shivers down my spine just thinking about it.

Don't let his meager stature fool you. Just look at his black beady eyes. Ounce for Ounce, a Cockatiel is one of the most powerful animals on the face of the planet. I have seen him snap in half,  a case hardened piece of uncooked Linguine noodle with a single stroke of his powerful beak. Imagine if that were your finger. His beak is definitely a force to reckoned with.

Sometimes Bird gives out an advanced warning before his attack. Letting out a sinister, high pitched chirp, every few seconds, he sits on your shoulder calculating his next move. It is much like the Bud Ice Penguin singing the phrase, "Scooby, Dooby, Do". Then when the moment is right, he latches onto your check with deadly precision. You don't stand a chance against his cunning, masterful plan.

Other times he uses the sneak attack method, letting you have it when you least expect it. Pretending to play haplessly on your lap, he then runs swiftly up your stomach and firmly implants his beak on your lip. This is a
REAL eye opener. Fortunately he has not picked up any of the colorful language used after the attack.

In any event, both methods attacks earns him a much needed "Time Out" and a banishment to the darken bathroom dungeon. As you walk away from the door you can hear him screech, "I'm gonna get you, I'm gonna get you!

Mr. Bird entered our family quite un-expectantly. We were previously owners of another Cockatiel named Buddy. After his passing, my sister decided we needed another bird. I guess since we were not expecting another pet right away, it was difficult for us to come up with a cute name on short notice. He has a white spot on the back of his head and I came real close to naming him Spot. Somehow walking around the house saying, "Here Spot, Here Spot", just didn't seem right.

Finally after a few months, we were still unable to come up with a name, and the word Bird, became his name. In hind sight I think Lucifer or Spaz would have been quite appropriate.

When we first received Mr. Bird, he was such a hyper child that finding a name that wasn't derogatory  was difficult. He was part Teddy Bear and part Tasmanian Devil. Our previous bird Buddy was very mellow, and was quite content to stay in his cage. He would also sit on your shoulder if you wanted him to. Either place made him very happy.

As soon as we get up in the morning Mr. Bird demands to get out of his cage. If you don't let him out he becomes extremely vocal.
  If my wife and I are at home for the day, Mr. Bird is with one of us at all times. That's also why I have so many photos of him sitting on my shoulder. I guess since Mr. Bird was hand raised and hand fed from birth, being with people is all he has even known. From the time we rise, and until we go to bed, Mr. Bird is out of his cage 100% if the time. We don't seem to mind the company either.

All kidding aside, Mr. Bird is a wonderful pet (most of the time) and a good friend. He serves as Art Director at The Dr. WeeLee Home Page is always willing to drop his colorful input on the site. Most of the time it lands on my shoulder or the desk, and he even manages to get it on the keyboard from time to time.  It make a mess out of typing.

We spend countless hours together Surfin' the Web looking for interesting and exciting places to visit. Mr. Bird's favorite site is "The Enchanted Tiki Room". He just loves to listen to those talking parrots. After 20 visits or so, the song "Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room" starts to get on your nerves. I know all of the words by heart.

Mr. Birds favorite First Lady is Lady Bird Johnson, his favorite basketball player is Larry Bird, his favorite baseball team is the Toronto Blue Jays, and his favorite football team is the Philadelphia Eagles. Mr. Birds favorite boxer is Mike Tyson, ( Mr. Bird likes to bite ears too).

This Place Is For The Birds!


This site has been up and running since January 29, 1998. After six short weeks, on March 20, 1998,  I was graciously bestowed "The Golden Feather Award" by "Charlie :) and the birdies :>" Charlie is a wonderful person who cares for Abused birds and helps find loving homes for them. She also cares for 11 of her own birdies. Her Web Page, THIS PLACE IS FOR THE BIRDS !  is dedicated to our fine feathered friends, and it is a beautiful place to visit. Thanks for the award! It's quite a feather in my cap. Charlie's web site is not currently online at this time.

Yo's Place

On March 21, 1998 I received
Yo's Flights of Fancy Award.         I feel honored to have  received two awards so very quickly.  Yo's Place  features Kids Quotes, Bird Pix, "All My Children" Updates, and a Quote of the Day. Yo's site is visually appealing.  She has two very cute birds. Thanks for the Award!



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