A Different Kind of Car Show

A Little History

In 2002, Monterey Bay PT Cruisers and PT Cruisers of Silicon Valley joined forces for two quick car shows on Veterans Day: in the morning, at the VA Hospital in Palo Alto; and in the afternoon at the VA Hospital in Menlo Park. The shows were small, the effect was phenomenal.

And…they asked us back. They have been asking us back for the last seven years. In year two, we invited two local Corvette clubs; in year three - Corvettes and mini Coopers (and one Viper); for the last three years, California Customs and Classics joined us. Last year we had over 70 cars from twelve different clubs from Greenfield to Livermore. This year we want to surpass even that - we're shooting 100 cars at least! (Motorcycles, too!)

Every year these guys and gals truly look forward to having us come by - on the weekend before Veterans Day - and share some time. Hey, we're just car nuts, but we make a difference in their lives.

Every Year Has Its Story

We have given a destitute and troubled man back his dignity - for at least a day - when he was able to share the Grand Prize - a radio controlled race car - with his son.

We've given rides in our cars to senior vets and others that remind them of happier times, when they were younger and more vital and their lives were full of promise - and they went off to do their duty. And so we did ours that day. We thanked them.

One year, we gave young Iraq war vet a reason to interact with other brain-injured comrades by getting him interested in radio-controlled cars. Up to that point he was depressed and withdrawn. It's called Recreational Therapy for a reason.

The Really Fun Part

Through our raffle - just for the vets - we have given much-needed socks, hats, clothes, underwear, sweat clothes, jackets, gloves, books, stationery, good food and fun snacks to those who have given so much of their lives for us and our country - and ask so little in return, and often get even less.

So, we're making a personal appeal for participation at this year's event - on November 8th - that we have done now for seven years that transcends the car hobby and serves a much greater need - the Annual Car Show for the Vets Show 'n' Shine at the Veterans Hospital in Menlo Park. This "show" - this day - has always been about the Vets; the cars are incidental.

Fair warning: It's a roller coaster of day emotionally, but we guarantee you that you will come away a changed person - changed for the better for having given back to those who have given so much.

Thank you so much for your consideration of this event (and the others you have supported),

The Board of Directors of Car Show for the Vets
This is a photo slide-show of the Car Show for the Vets, held at the Menlo Park VA Hospital on November 8th, 2009, with 157 photos for viewing.