Sounds like a plan to me. I know the roads very well since I do ride them a lot, Tony I am glad to hear you had a good time as everyone else on the last cruise. We can start at 9 am meeting in the Walgreen's parking lot in Mountain View at Highway 237 and El Camino real where it turns into Grant road. Leave at 9:30 where we can jump onto highway 85 to De Anza and catch Pierce road and cruise through the country side to catch highway 9 to highway 35 which is Skyline. Make a pit stop at the big parking lot on top before taking highway 35 towards Woodside and stopping at the Vista point for another pit stop. We then make a short stop at the 4 corners of Woodside and continue towards the coast through La Honda. Now Applejacks has a very small parking area but there is a parking lot across the street if we decide to stop, at the little market. From La Honda we head out to the coast and cruise the back roads to the town of Pescadero and pit stop if all agree and from there go to the beach from town where it hits highway 1 . Turn north and stop at Princeton Harbor for a short stop before heading towards Rockaway beach in Pacifica , estimated driving time from where we start ,depending on how many stops we make roughly about 2 hours. There are many places along the way to eat or we can have lunch at Nicks at Rockaway beach which is open and has a big parking lot, big enough to hold our group. Or we can do lunch where Tony knows the place at the bowling alley. Now on the way back , those who want to take highway 92 over to 280 can do so or we can go back over the hill taking the back roads and make pit stops as we head towards 280 over highway 84 to the town of Woodside and once we hit highway 280 head home from there. Now this is only a suggested route we can take. I do realize changes can be make along the way. So if anyone is interested please let me know so we know how many people are going, rain or shine. Thanks Tony for suggesting this cruise lets go for it ...ED