This is a Flash video presentation of  "The Gathering of the PT Clans", PT Cruiser Show-N-Glow, held on the evening of May 21st, 2011. The event took place on 5th Street and San Felipe Road, in front of City Hall, in Downtown Hollister, Ca. There were 30 plus PT Cruisers, from all over the country and one car from Vancouver, BC, in attendance of the Show-N-Glow. The PT Cruisers really put on a colorful light show. Set up on an antique flat bed truck, the band Blues Function can be heard playing in the background.

I shot the video in HD with my Panasonic TS1 point and shoot camera. The The Flash  presantation was made with MC Media Player, a Flash-based media player for embedding video, audio and still images in web pages. It is free to use for both non-profit and commercial websites. I created the Flash video .FLV files using Nero Vision 10. The flash player above was made with MC Media Player.

The following 6 video files are between 7 MB - 10 MB in size and are quite large. They are meant for viewing by high speed Cable and DSL Internet users. If you have a dial-up connection they would probably take 1-2 hours for the videos to download. They are in Adobe Flash format and you may have to download the latest Adobe Flash plug-in for your browser in order to view them. If you need to download the the plug-in just follow the instruction given to you by your browser and at the Adobe Flash website. The installation is fairly simple. I hope you enjoy the videos. - Mike Wheeler

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