Yellowstone National Park is truly an amazing place. Over half of the worlds geothermic activity occurs in the park. Yellowstone is home to 200-250 active geysers. Hot springs, mud pots, and fumaroles  abound and are beautiful to gaze upon. The  deep canyon walls consists of "yellow rock" and the area later became known as Yellowstone. 

Yellowstone was the first National Park created in the world. On March 1st, 1872 President Grant signed a bill, preserving the land comprising the Yellowstone region. Back in a time when moving west, cultivating the land, and overusing using the abundance  natural resources was the norm, the government foreseen the need to protect this special place. Over 2.2 million acres (9000 km2) of land were set aside, to remain mostly untouched, for future generations to enjoy. 

When the first white explorers happened upon Yellowstone in the early 1800's they were taken aback at what they had found. Returning with tales of upside-down waterfalls of steam, boiling springs surrounded by vivid colorful rocks, and bubbling pots of mud, their stories were not believed. Most magazines refused to publish their accounts believing they were untrue. In the 1870's the US government sent a geological survey team comprised of guides, geologists, a photographer, and a painter to record their finding in Yellowstone. Their discoveries were documented and the truly magnificent nature of Yellowstone had been validated .

The Yellowstone section has the largest set of photographs on my web page. The Formation section contains photos of the Mammoth Hot Springs area and Minerva Terrace. The Fumaroles section has photos of hot springs, mud pots and fumaroles. The Geyser section has photos of Old Faithful, Castle, Daisy, and other geysers. The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone has photos of the deep canyon and the Yellowstone River. The Lakes section has a few photos of Yellowstone Lake and one other lake. The Rivers section contains photos of the Yellowstone River and Lower Falls.

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Fumaroles Photos

Hot Springs, Fumaroles, and Mud Pots

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Yellowstone Geyser Photos

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The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Yellowstone Lake

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Yellowstone River and Lower Falls


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